Some Facts About Formula One

Oct 30, 2011     Posted under: Sports

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  • An F1 car has approximately 80,000 components. The cars have to be assembled with great accuracy. If it were assembled 99.9% correctly, it would still go on the track with 80 components wrongly placed.
  • The refuellers used in F1 can supply 12 litres of fuel per second. This means it would take just 4 seconds to fill the tank of an average 50 litre family car. They use the same refueling rigs used on US military helicopters.
  • Race car tyres don’t have air in them like normal car tyres. Most racing tyres have nitrogen in the tyres because nitrogen has a more consistent pressure compared to normal air. Air typically contains varying amounts of water vapor in it, which affects its expansion and contraction as a function of temperature, making the tyre pressure unpredictable.
  • Small airplanes can take off at slower speeds than F1 cars travel on the track. However, the down force provided by their wings keeps them on the track.
  • An average F1 driver looses about 4kgs of weight after every race due to the prolonged exposure to high G-forces and temperatures.
  • Juan Manuel Fangio is the oldest drivers champion. He was 46years 41days when he won his then record fifth title in 1957.
  • German ace Michael Schumacher holds the record for most drivers titles. He won his first two title with Benetton Renault, then won a further five titles with Ferrari.

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