Different Terms Associated With Sports

Apr 9, 2011     Posted under: Sports

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Badminton: Mixed doubles, Deuce, Drop, Smash, Let, Foot work, Setting

Base Ball: Pitcher, Put out, Strike, Home, Bunt

Billiards: Cue, Jigger, Pot, Break, In Baulk, In Off, Cannons

Boxing: Upper cut, Round, Punch, Bout, Knock down, Hitting below the belt, Ring

Bridge: Finesses, Dummy, Revoke, Grand Slam, Little slam, No Trump, Rubber

Chess: Bishop, Gambit, Checkmate, Stalemate

Cricket: L. B.W (Leg Before Wicket), Creases, Popping-creases, Stumped, Bye, Leg-Bye, Googly, Hat-trick, Maiden Over, Drive, Bowling, Duck, Follow-on, No ball, Leg break, Silly point, Cover point, Hit-wicket, Late-cut, Off Spinner, In-swing, Reverse-Sweep

Football: Off side, Block, Drop-kick, Penalty-kick(goal kick), corner-kick, Free-kick, Dribble, Thrown-in, foul

Golf: Boggy, Foursome, Stymic, Tee, Put, Hole, Niblic, Caddie, Links, The green, Bunker

Hockey: Carried, Short Corner, Bully, Sticks, Off side, Roll in, Striking circle, Under-cutting, Dribble

Horse Racing: Jockey, Punter

Polo: Bunker, Chukker, Mallet

Tennis: Back hand drive, Volley, Smash, Half-volley, Deuce, Service, Let, Grand Slam

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