Protect Yourself from Contracting Conjunctivitis

Aug 15, 2011     Posted under: Know How

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Avoid rubbing your eyes: Do not touch or rub your eyes. If your eyes itch or burn, use a tissue to wipe drainage and put the used tissue in the trash. Don’t forget to clean your hands after you’re done.

Keep it clean: Clean your hands frequently with soap and water. Use a waterless, alcohol-based hand rub if hands are not visibly soiled.

Separate towels: Do not share towels or washcloths with others. Assign one towel and one washcloth to each family member, and wash them frequently.

Pillow hygiene: Wash your pillowcase every day. Do not share your pillow with anybody.

Avoid contact lens: Do not wear contact lenses while your eyes are red or draining. Discard the contact lens solution that you have been using before or during your eye illness. Disinfect contact lenses before resuming use.

No sharing: Do not share any eye make-up such as mascara or eyeliner, eye drops, contact lens solution or any medications.

Stay away: Stay away from work, school, child care, (especially if you are a healthcare worker or childcare provider) or public places until the eye drainage has resolved.

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