Looking to Buy a Car? Petrol or Diesel!

Jun 12, 2011     Posted under: Know How

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The recent hike in fuel prices has again highlighted the importance of the decision taken before buying four-wheeler. Every time there is a hike in fuel prices they tend to create a hole in pockets of users and new users will think twice before buying a new four-wheeler, even the auto industry takes a hit as the buyers find it tough to decide whether to buy a petrol-driven car or opt for a diesel-powered engine.

Both the version have their own specialties. Hence, the end users will ultimately look for better fuel efficiency, cheaper running cost, eco-friendliness and above all personal driving experience. People who are fond of speed can opt for a petrol-powered engine as pre-mixing of fuel and air results in better efficiency and enables car to run at a higher speed with low noise emission. The price of petrol driven cars is much cheaper than those of diesel driven engines.

If we are to shortlist good features of both versions, few of them would be:


  • Pre-mixing of fuel and air enables car to run at a better pick-up
  • Price of petrol variants is much cheaper
  • Cost of maintenance is low


  • Low fuel price, more cost effective for long distance travelers
  • Better fuel consumption deliver better torque
  • Latest diesel-driven cars fetch good resale value

NitiN Kumar Jain

Nitin works in an IT MNC professionally but blogs and owns NKJ Live. He is also the co-owner of a professional start-up ARGHAM BYTES

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