How to Make Your Perform Linger Longer

May 22, 2011     Posted under: Know How

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Select Wisely: Choose your scent according to the time you wish the effect to last. Splash cologne or body mists last for two hours. Eau de toilette (EDT) keeps about 20% of its scent all day. Eau de parfum (EDP) usually maintains 35% of its strength. Perfume extracts maintain about 50% of their scent.

Pulse Points: You can bring the best out of a fragrance if you apply it on spots where the blood flows closer to the body surface. These pulse points are the neckline or cleavage, wrists, chest, elbow areas, knees and of course your neck.

Dry Skin: Natural oils mix with perfumes preventing the scent from evaporating quickly. Those with a dry skin, lacking natural oils, should apply perfumes more than once a day.

Wrist rub: Don’t rub your wrists together after dabbing the perfume. It is a basic mistake done by the majority of people. This only kills the scent.

Strong scents: While having a shower avoid using strong scented soaps or washes as these can influence the nature of the fragrance when applied, creating an unpleasant mix of scents.

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