14 Home Remedies for Acidity

Apr 17, 2011     Posted under: Know How

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Stress, tension, pressure and anxiety are the four main reasons for health problems at present. These are caused due to hectic lifestyle that most of us follow these days. These four things give rise to minor problems with dangerous potential when the body clock is disturbed, and thus acidity is the first reaction.

Generally acidity is caused due to body overheat. We have so many natural home remedies for acidity, but only few people use these home remedies for acidity cures.

Acidity, ignored for a long time, can become chronic and get worse. Popping an anti-acid does not work if you are regularly facing the problem. It only subsides it for few hours, but does not cure it.

Home remedies are the best treatment and here are few:

  1. Chilled milk is a great respite to acidity.
  2. Overnight soaked puffed rice, taken the first thing in the morning, cures acidity.
  3. Boil a cup of water with Mulethi and Mint. Sip on it three times a day.
  4. Swallow cumin seeds with a glass of water after meals, to avoid acidity.
  5. Loads of water, is the best way to avoid acidity.
  6. Avoid intake of chillies, onion and garlic.
  7. Black tea in empty stomach in the morning, works wonders.
  8. Half spoon of black pepper (kali mirch) powder taken with rock salt twice a day helps to get relief from acidity.
  9. Eating a harad (Haritaki, Terminalia chebula) regularly helps to overcome acidity.
  10. One spoon of grinded carom (ajwain) seeds mixed with a spoon of lemon juice taken with a glass of water gives relief from acidity.
  11. Chew bubble-gum and acidity will disappear. This is an easy and best way to get rid of acidity.
  12. An idle body is the house of many diseases. Workout for at least 20 mints a day, to keep healthy and fit.
  13. Regular body massage, results in proper working of the organs.
  14. Sitting 5 minutes in Vajrasan after every meals helps to get relief from acidity.

Eti Jain

Eti has just stepped into the blogging world. Other than working in an MNC as Tech Lead, she is a good home maker and writes as a part time.

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  • Amit Sahrawat

    This is a very good article!! Chilled milk works really well.
    Acidity can also result in hiccups(hitchki in hindi) which becomes very irritating.

    • http://nitinkumarjain.in NitiN Kumar Jain

      Absolutely ….

  • Kshitij Thakur

    These are good few points. There are many more using which we can avoid acidity ourselves within seconds. Thanks anyway.

    • http://nitinkumarjain.in NitiN Kumar Jain

      Yes, you are right Kshitij …

  • http://Piyush.jainji.com Piyush Jain

    Very good tips… I have been troubled a lot by Acidity these days due to night shift.. I think i can atleast drink loads of water and chew bubble gum to avoid acidity.. Also i have started Gym so i think i will be fine soon.. Thanks a lot for nice tips.. Keeep on posting such nice things…

    • http://nitinkumarjain.in NitiN Kumar Jain

      You are right Piyush … you can get rid of it very easily … Thanks …

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