10 Daily ToDos For Good Health

Apr 21, 2011     Posted under: Know How

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In today’s super fast life everyone is so busy that the days/months/years are coming and going and we are just making them passed and not utilizing the way we should be; ending up in regret at the end that we did not take care when we had time or could afford time.

Today is the time when following few important and quick tips we can ensure a healthy today and future.

  1. Wake up early in the morning, because this is the time when there is fresh and enough amount of oxygen in atmosphere.
  2. Drink 2-3 glass of lukewarm water for proper elimination of toxins and waste product from your body.
  3. Wash your eyes with normal or rose water, it will give relaxation in burning sensation caused by pollution and dust that you face every day or use onion juice mixed with honey to clean eyes. Use few drops of sesame oil with water while washing your ears.
  4. Do yoga/walk for balance of body and mind. There are so many ‘yoga aasans’ for good health, but only few may be enough like ‘Surya Namaskara’ is the one yoga exercise, which includes many yoga postures within it and is enough.
  5. Every day massage is also important as it opens all skin pores and help to rejuvenate your skin and delay aging. Massaging also helps to stimulate the blood circulation in skin.
  6. Breakfast, lunch and dinner should be light so that our stomach can easily digest it. Sipping 1 cup of hot water after 20-25 minutes of lunch and dinner is very good for digestion as it removes toxins from the body.
  7. Do not eat/drink desert/water immediately after the meal, at least wait for 45-60mins. Exactly after our meal, our stomach is in the process of digesting food and temperature reaches up to around 88-90 degree Fahrenheit, which is necessary for proper digestion. Having water/desert cools down the temperature and thus incomplete digestion.
  8. Regularly do shoulder rotation and neck exercises while sitting in the office to avoid shoulder and neck problems. Also leave your seats for couple of minutes after every 40-45 minutes.
  9. Good time to have dinner is between 7-8 P.M. Some people have a bad habit to go to bed immediately after having food, try keeping the gap to 2-3 hours. Our body requires only 7-8 hours of good sleep without any disturbance.
  10. Last but not the least, don’t forget to wash your eyes, face and brush your teeth’s before going to bed. After face wash with a soap free cleanser and toner, apply a layer of moisturizer. This is probably the longest uninterrupted stretch of time the moisturizer will have to work on your skin.

Eti Jain

Eti has just stepped into the blogging world. Other than working in an MNC as Tech Lead, she is a good home maker and writes as a part time.

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