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May 21, 2011     Posted under: Investment

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Built-To-Suit: A property custom-built to suit the specifications of the long-term lessee

Building Completion Date: The date provided by a landlord by which a building is made operational in all aspects including all on-site and off-site works (described in details in the agreement), obtaining the necessary approvals including occupation certificate for the demised premises to be occupied

Building Life Cycle: A concept composed of four stages forming a continuous loop: design/refurbishment, construction, management and review

Building permit: Permission granted by a bona fide authority to a builder granting permission to construct a proposed building

Built-ins: Utilitarian items like cupboards, bathroom fittings, ovens that are build into the building so as to make them immovable

Built-Up Area: Includes the carpet area and the space covered by the thickness of the inner and outer walls of the shell. An area of urban development, also referred to as a developed area

Business Park: An integrated development whereby businesses are provided with common infrastructure, facilities and services. This results in lower costs and greater competitiveness.

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