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Apr 16, 2011     Posted under: Investment

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Atrium Space: In modern architecture, an atrium (plural atria) is a large open space, often several storey’s high with a glazed roof and/or large windows, often situated within an office building or mall; usually located immediately beyond the main entrance doors.

Average Room Rate(Per Occupied Room): Hotel room tariffs vary depending on the season,  events etc., When a hotelier wishes to find out if he is above or below the rack rate (fixed room price), he calculates the average price of a room by dividing the total turnover of rooms by the total number of rooms occupied.

Balloon Payment: A repayment of a loan or bond, usually but not necessarily the final repayment, which is larger in amount than the preceding or earlier installments. This kind of arrangement is referred to as “ballooning” a loan.

Bank Guarantee (Performance Guarantee): A secured promissory note provided by a financial institution on behalf of a contractor or party as a guarantee of their performance, often used in lieu of retention.

Bare Shell: Bare shell comprises a base building with provision for basic flooring, all exterior windows, roofing works, common areas, lift lobbies, toilets, service and passenger lifts and any other shell works related to the building.

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