Real Estate Terms [22]

Oct 30, 2011     Posted under: Investment

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Exclusive Listing: A contract between principal and broker wherein the former agrees to pay the latter a certain sum of money regardless of whether the latter plays a role in the execution of the transaction.

Expansion Option: A lessee’s right to take additional space within the building

Expected Supply: New or retrofitted space entering the market that is still under construction and would be ready for occupation in a specified timeframe (quarter/year)

Export Processing Zones: Established specifically for the manufacturing and export of finished products designed for export

Extended Coverage: It is an insurance term which means coverage extending beyond that provided by a standard policy

Extension of Mortgage: An agreement between the lender and the borrower for extension of a mortgage beyond the timeframe provided in the existing agreement

External Valuer: An individual valuer can be considered external to one particular lender when his/her professional relationship, or when the valuation business obtained from that lender is a substantial portion of his/her total business.

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