Real Estate Terms [21]

Sep 19, 2011     Posted under: Investment

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Dear Load: Weight of a building, including all permanently affixed structures or appliances but not including the weight of movable things that are placed on or in it

Debt Amortization: The practice of adjusting the original cost of a debt instrument as principal payments are received and any purchase discount or premium is written off to income over the life of the instrument

Declining Balance Method of Depreciation: Also known as the Written Down (WD) value method of depreciation. In this, a fixed percentage of the residual value of an asset is written off every year

Deed: Legal Document, usually pertaining to the ownership of a property

Deed of Trust: Document recording the terms of a trust

Defective Title: Title that is flawed /inconsistent and has regulatory and ownership issues

Defects Liability Period: A specified term (normally 12 months) following practical completion of a facility. During this term, the contractor remains responsible for rectifying any defective work

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