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Jul 24, 2011     Posted under: Investment

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Clearing House: A place where, at agreed dates, transactions of a commercial nature are settled by financial payments which equal the net result of any transactions carried out by parties concerned since the last date. In particular, that part of a financial market for commodities, securities or other assets which arranges for settlements of transactions at regular intervals

Collateral (Security): Traditionally used to mean some security in addition to the personal obligation of the borrower, but commonly used to refer to a security provided in addition to the principal one

Commercial Mortgage Backed Security (CMBS): Security issued on a portfolio of loans each of which is secured by commercial property

Commingling: The mixing of different kinds of funds. For example, if a company mixes funds it has collected as fixed deposits (which should be accounted for separately) with money collected as advance from buyers, it is known as commingling

Commission: The payment of a percentage of a deal values as compensation to a broker for services rendered.

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