Real Estate Terms [15]

Jul 10, 2011     Posted under: Investment

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Certified Cheque: A personal cheque which a bank guarantees usually ensures that the issuer has enough funds in his account to honor the cheque and does not clear other cheques if they deplete the funds in the issuer’s account to the point where there is not enough money to cover the amount of the certified cheque. Banks also do not honor stop payments on certified cheques.

Certified Copy: A document that is certified by a competent authority to be a true copy of its original

Chain of Title: The chronological list of owners of a property since the earliest records to the present times

Chain Store: Several stores belonging to the same owner having similar layout design and other features which point to a central authority and which distinguishes them from others

Chattel: Property, other than real estate, owned by an individual. Also called personal property

City Development Corporation: Entities formed by state government to boost development activities in the city.  Their responsibilities include both commercial and residential development of the city. They are also responsible for the overall infrastructural development in the city.

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