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Jun 26, 2011     Posted under: Investment

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Category Killer: Category killer is a term used to describe a product, service, brand, or company that has such a distinct sustainable competitive advantage that competing firms find it almost impossible to operate profitably in that industry. The existence of a category killer will eliminate almost all market entities, whether real or virtual. Also a national retail chain that is dominant in its product category – usually by at low prices – to the point of putting smaller players out of business

Caveat: A document, which any person, who claims to have an interest in the property, may lodge against the title of property at the Registry of Land Titles

Central Business District (CBD): The functional centre around which the rest of a city is structured. Characterized by the presence of comparison retail, office accommodation, leisure facilities, buildings for recreational use, public museums, art galleries and governmental functions

Central City: Main city of a cluster of cities also refers to the downtown area of a city

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