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Jun 18, 2011     Posted under: Investment

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Cash Flow: The actual or estimated movement of money by way of income and outgoings during the life of a project

Cash Flow Analysis/ Statement: Cash flow portrayed as a table of successive periods, that is, monthly, quarterly or yearly. It has many applications relating to financial viability, for example, forecasting losses, breakeven or profit; discounted cash flow exercises; or as a basis for budget control

Cashier’s Cheque: A cheque where a bank draws a cheque upon itself instead of its depositor’s account. The depositor, who instructs the bank to do so and provides the money for it, does not have the right to stop payment. Buyers often insist on this mode of payment while closing sales. Also called a banker’s draft, bank cheque or demand draft in some countries

Catchment Area: The area and a population from which a city or commercial property, such as a mall or a market, attracts visitors or customers

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