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Jun 11, 2011     Posted under: Investment

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Carpet Area: The carpet area of a property is defined as the net usable area from the inner sides on one wall to another. The expression “carpet area” shall mean and comprise the following: the carpet area of the demised premise, toilet areas within the demised premises, AHU (air handling unit) room/s within the demised premises and dedicated service area for the demised premises.

Carrying Charges: The cost of maintaining an income-producing property during periods when it is not doing so, for example, maintenance costs of a new house that has not yet been leased or the cost of maintaining a house between two subsequent lease periods

Cash Accounting: A system of accounting which takes into consideration incomes and expenditures only when money exchanges hands and not when they are transacted

Cash Back: A payment made by a property owner to a prospective tenant to secure a letting in times of oversupply on terms which would otherwise be unacceptable. In essence it can be regarded as the opposite of a premium and as such, is a form of reverse or negative premium

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