Operation Baba Ramdev Comparison: Dishonoring Jallianwala Massacre?

Jun 5, 2011     Posted under: Current Affairs

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Jai Hind”, “Vande Mataram” sounds goods only when representation is for our motherland, but when these words are used in every agitation, these words seem to demean their values.

What happened on the night of 4th June 2011, in all ways is criticized because of its impact on the general public, but for the sake of us all Indians, don’t compare this with the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre. In the last 24 hours when this event is compared against history, it makes me reflect at the history and magnitude of the history reaches such low scales that fight against freedom loses its shine. If you further want to look back the events, read thru Jallianwala Bagh Massacre. I am of the opinion that your heart will still beat and your eyes will become wet reflecting back to the history.

Anna Hazare chose to bring in “Fight Against Corruption” to each household and make people join him in that mission. I fully supported the events which took place and the very fact that the politicians were turned away when they tried to join him. That made people realized that the movement was certainly for the general public and they fought for it. Anna Hazare did not join Baba Ramdev him in the events and the sole reason which attributed to this decision was political persons sharing the same stage with Ramdev.

If Truth had to come out there could have been a different path to it. We all Indians are disturbed by the corruption which is all over place and its duty of us all to stand against it. It is imperative when we start blaming out authorities that we are ready to look into our conscience. How many times people have adopted ways to get their work done which does not fall under the rules, one of things I can see daily is illegal construction being done and they opt for paying hefty fees to get their area constructed. Now the very same people are raising their voices and blaming authorities.

Are the very same people ready to get their building demolished when the authorities wake up and start up their acts in reversing their wrong doings? Simple answer is ‘No’ and then there will be another agitation against the Government. This is just one example, how many people avoid having ‘Traffic Challan’ reverted and use other ways to get through their broken rules. The results are very sorry figures. It is humane to get their work done on priority and the very same corruption comes to mind. It’s the corrupted minds which ultimately lead to a corrupted nation although the scale varies at each level of society and such a pity that the roots are getting affected with these acts. But you cannot take away the progress the country has made, India is not just a name it has its shine on the world map.

India is democratic country and we all have rights to raise our voice, but parliament, bureaucrats and judiciary is there to look after the country.

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NitiN Kumar Jain

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  • http://nitinkumarjain.in NitiN Kumar Jain

    With due respect, I think Baba Ramdev is nowhere near our freedom fighters … no doubt he is a great yogic guru but I would have loved some more social activist like Anna Hazare raised the voice with no political benefits …

    Jallianwala bagh was definitely the black day in Indian history when thousands lost their life with no reasoning …

    Ram Leele ground operation was no less, I agree, but comparing it with the historical black day is a mischievous toughs ..

    Loosing even single innocent life is the worst thing that could ever happen … I condemn yesterday’s operation and the governance of Congress party … where was Rahul Gandhi who went to bhatta parsol … didn’t he hear about the crying voices of people at Ramleela ground …  their bloody political agenda …

  • http://amit.sahrawat.in Amit sahrawat

    In the next line of action from Anna Hazare, he has opted to have the the discussions to go live so that everything is clear. I prefer social activists to come in front and then take this movement go ahead instead of any political parties involvement.

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